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    Lorenzo Tomio

    Lorenzo is a composer, a guitarist and a sound designer; he has dedicated his talent to contemporary music, exploring many of its conjugations and experimenting with many forms of contemporary music, film soundtrack, incidental music and musique d’ameublement.
    He obtained his master degree in classic guitar with best honors, with a thesys about spectral music and the piece “Tellur” by Tristan Murail. He also studied composition and computer science.
    Co-founder and guitarist of the ensemble L’arsenale, he co-organize the festival “Nuova Musica a Treviso (New Music in Treviso)”.
    Interested in the role of electric guitar in the contempory music scene, he performed in venues and festivals like Barge Music e MATA Festival-New York, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, Fenway Center e Harvard University-Boston, Compositori a Confronto-Reggio Emilia, Contemporanea-Udine.
    His instrumental and vocal compositions were commissioned by and played in many festivals, among them the Astra Concerts-Melbourne; Windspiel-BKA Theatre-Berlino; MATA Festival-New York, Festival of New Organ Music-Londra; Compositori a Confronto-Reggio Emilia; Zeppelin Festival-Barcelona; Brinkhall Summer Concerts-Helsinki; Giovanni Sollima-100celli al Teatro Valle-Rome, Piccola Orchestra ‘900, Auditorium Parco della Musica-Rome; Teatrino Groggia-Venice; Ensemble In Extensio-Montréal.
    Active in the improvisation music, he conducted ensemble of musicians and dancers performing the work Cobra by John Zorn, in residency at B-Motion festival in Bassano and at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice.