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    Roberto Durante

    He graduated in piano at the ‘B. Marcello Conrvatoire’ of Venice with honours. He further improved his skills with Massimo Somenzi, Piernarciso Masi, Riccardo Risaliti, Aldo Ciccolini.
    Furthermore, he attended the Postgraduate Performance Practice in Contemporary Music course at the ‘KUG University’ of Graz held by the prestigious ensemble Klangforum Wien.
    He is very active in the contemporary classical music environment; he has collaborated with composers, conductors and performers such as Mario Caroli, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Kaspar Putnins, Jeff Means, ECCE Boston. He is also the permanent pianist of the Líarsenale ensemble and, from 2011, he has been the co-organizer of the ‘Nuova Musica a Treviso’ showcase.
    As a soloist as well as ensemble member, he has performed at important festivals (Mata Festival-NewYork, Beams Electronic Festival-Boston, Biennale Musica-Venezia) and in some the worldís most important halls and events (Mumuth Saal-Graz, Fenway Center-Boston, BargeMusic, Le Poison Rouge-NewYork, Ferguson Hall Minneapolis, Kulturforum-Kiel, Teatro Malibran, Teatro alle Tese, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove-Venezia, Teatro Comunale-Treviso, Teatro San Giorgio-Udine, Teatro de la Sena-Feltre).
    Having an inclination towards improvisation from his early studies, he has studied with Paolo Birro, Bruno Cesselli and Pietro Tonolo, and participated in numerous projects together with artists like Calixto Bieito, Adam Rudolph, Jimmy Weinstein, David Boato, Piero Bittolobon, Massimiliano Sorrentini, Szabolcs Szke.