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  • Variété Concert-Spectacle für Artisten und Musiker music by Mauricio Kagel

    Playfulness, humor, taste for provocation and visionary, along with a whole empirical curiosity, brought the music of Mauricio Kagel, also his most purely instrumental pieces, to gestural and plastic effects, in a word, theater.
    Varété proposes the participation of the extraordinary French mime and acrobat Jo Bulitt, who grew up in the school of one of the most famous circus families, the Fratellini. His parallel studies in music and choreography made him a brilliant exponent of the “circus-theater”

    This Concert-Spectacle für Artisten und Musiker represents the magic world of the circus and its entertainers, acrobats, tightrope walkers, contortionists, magicians, prestidigitators, knife throwers, mimes, fire-eaters, tamers, fantasists

    clarinet – Francesco Socal
    trumpet – Stefano Flaibani
    accordion – Luca Piovesan
    cello – Aline Privitera
    percussion – Enrico Bertelli
    piano/electric organ – Roberto Durante

    conductor – Filippo Perocco
    mime – Jo Bulitt

    4. Carnevale Internazionale dei Ragazzi
    La Biennale di Venezia
    02nd, 03rd, 04th february 2013
    Padiglione Centrale dei Giardini – Venezia